Hang Tags
Hang Tags
Hang Tags
Hang Tags

Hang Tags

A label is one thing, but a Hang Tag adds that extra flair to make your product stand out.

Design your Hang Tags on our sturdy paper adorned with a pre-cut hole and string for easy attaching. Completely customize with your choice of paper, color and personalized design to show everyone you mean business!

Material C2s Paper
Paper Weight 150GSM
Tag Colors Any Color

Printing Process Flexographic
A direct printing process 
that uses a cylinder-mounted, flexible relief printing plate, similar to a letterpress, to transfer the inked image directly onto the printing surface.
Color Print Options Any Color
Min. Quantity 25,000 Hang Tags

Estimated Lead Times

Domestic - 60 days
International - 90 days

*Upon Artwork Approval

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